We develop and assess methods for generating, synthesizing, and translating evidence to improve policy and practice.


STatistics for Evidence-Based Policy and Practice

Generating Evidence

Does a program or intervention result in improved outcomes?

Synthesizing Evidence

How do we make sense of competing results from multiple sources about an intervention or policy?

Translating Evidence

What is the best approach to convey evidence to a diverse audience of consumers?

A Bigger Vision

We believe in a scientific approach to transform the social world and a practice-driven approach to advance science. Our goal is to improve lives through methodological innovation in research.

Operating Principles

Statistical methods propel the quality of results provided in evaluations, as well as the questions posed and the relevance of science to practice. Our center seeks to serve the practitioner and policymaker communities through the development and promotion of state of the art methods for researchers:

Generating strong evidence regarding innovations and practices through randomized trials and other strong research designs,

Synthesizing and interpreting the results of multiple studies, and

Translating findings into meaningful and useful mechanisms to inform the evolution of policy and practice

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